Community Regeneration

Since the times of Gibellina earthquake, CRESM has fostered through participatory approach the internal (re)generation of communities, untapping the creativity and resilience of people to overcome adversity and fear.  The museum Belice / Epicentro della Memoria Viva, founded by CRESM celebrates this regenerative power of Sicilian communities

New Factories at Zisa (Palermo)
Consequently to all our previous initiatives we are now starting with a new challenge (always in Palermo). Again with the
Urban Communities for Solidarity
In 2010 CRESM  promoted the “Comunità Urbane Solidali” Project (funded by the Fondazione con il Sud). Our proposal was that
Belìce/EpiCentre of Living Memory
The Belìce/EpiCentre of Living Memory is an open space, always ‘under construction’, since it was not conceived to be a
Nocturnal Sustainable Visions (Festival of Social Documentaries)
Linked to our work of Community Regeneration and our activities with the Belìce/EpiCentro della Memoria Viva, our Artistic Director, Giuseppe
MEDNETA  is one of the 95 projects implemented  under the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme 2007/2013 ( Its total
Youth Bank
Through YouthBank approach we want to help young people engage with their communities and learn a variety of skills  and
Active Life Farm
In Castelvetrano we are currently running an organic farm (7 ha, vegetables and medicinal plants) on a confiscated mafia loot.

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