Immigration and Inclusion

CRESM works with immigrants in Palermo – a city that hosts 19 different immigrant communities – and the Belice valley. CRESM creates new inclusive spaces where immigrants and local people work, live, dialogue and exchange. CRESM’s activities range from hosting asylum seekers to showcasing the technical knowledge of migrants

Il progetto “Arlekin” continua ad essere attivo attraverso il nuovo progetto CreEA, all’interno del programma Erasmus+, coordinato da Cnam Lorraine
Thanks to EPIM Cresm have been able to improve in fundraising and capacity management through specific trainings and coaching. Three
New Factories at Zisa (Palermo)
Consequently to all our previous initiatives we are now starting with a new challenge (always in Palermo). Again with the
Urban Communities for Solidarity
In 2010 CRESM  promoted the “Comunità Urbane Solidali” Project (funded by the Fondazione con il Sud). Our proposal was that
Asylum Seekers Project (SPRAR)
Since late 2012 we started, (within the City Project for Asylum Seekers-SPRAR) to use part of the “Comunità Urbane Solidali”
Coordinato dal CNAM (Centro Nazionale di Arti e Mestieri) di Parigi, i cui partner sono: il CRESM di Gibellina, l’Università
Action Verte Project
In the period 2009-2011 we promoted an innovative initiative both in Sicily and Tunisia (Action Verte Project, financed by JMDI

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